Frequently Asked Questions 

When are you taking orders again? 

I want to stock up on some supplies and iron out some more KPS related projects before I truly open up! I'm also still finishing up the last of my previous round of orders. I will definitely post on all of my social channels, but the tentative date is: Early December

How do I get on the list? 

Thankfully with this brand spankin' new website it's much easier! It's just like ordering from your favorite online shop, but free! Just put one in your cart, fill out the forms, complete your order, go out and enjoy your life. 

When will it come? 

I'll be honest – working a full-time job, hanging out with friends and taking care of myself along with this passion project of mine can be a lot sometimes. As long as I have all of your information, you'll get something. Think of it as a little surprise in the mail :)