Makeda Loney

The Genetics of a Stubborn Soul

Makeda Loney
The Genetics of a Stubborn Soul

The last of her name

Creaks back and forth

like a rocking chair

supporting the weight of those sit on her

and catapult themselves forwards and backwards

with reckless abandon.

You can hear her gently snapping under the pressure

but she creaks gracefully

for this is her job

and her place.

She rocks back and forth

she can’t decide between

prevailing or the pain.

Maybe the pain gives her a reason to fight.

Maybe she doesn’t know her own strength.

Her hard work is summed up by the essence of her

Birthed already knowing the flow of how things go

Back and forth young steady girl

Go with the punches

Stay back

Stay alert

and though you may not be ready

swing forward


and retreat when you must

A daughter who comes out swinging,

hasn’t fashioned herself a rocking chair

but a throne

made from the same sturdy wood of her mother

crafted with the same indecisiveness.

She stands strong,

and sits in a chair built only for her.

Abandoned all she knew,

but she still has

the genetics of a stubborn soul

engrained into her DNA.