Makeda Loney

Den Mother

Makeda Loney
Den Mother

Den mother

Always carries the men who can’t carry themselves 

The same men who shudder at being anything close to her size 


Den mother 

Broad shouldered 

Thick breasted 

Head back

Voice shaking

A sea of pastel tears on a mourning gown of black


Gift giver

She had this gorgeous set of wings one of her suitors gawked at

After getting her to let him try them on

She gingerly placed them on his back

For him to only complain that they didn’t fit perfectly 


Fight breaker 

All is not fair in love and war

Innocent people die

And fathers don’t come home for what feels like centuries in a child’s eyes

when he does return

Veins soaked in Heineken 

Blood leaving his heart and

Going straight to his eyes 

His daughters inner battles have already been fought

and she's lost every last one 

The only reason she’s still standing

Is because she thought she had a home to return to

But instead came to realize that that mirage 

Dried up with the rest of the fresh drinking water 


Den mother 

Gift giver

Fight breaker

Weeping angel 

Hardened daughter

To a coward father 

And unregistered nurse 

To a broken lover

Desperate dancer 

Fat shaking 

Where letting loose

Breaks down her armor 

Glittering hero

Glittering hero 

Or are those ashes? 

Probably ashes.